To the average person, a website may seem like a fairly simple thing. In it's essense, it is nothing more than a series of webpages comprised of images and text, hosted on a server where someone browsing the Internet can find it. And, there are certainly many services available that allow nearly anyone to create and publish a website. But, there is more to an effective website than meets the eye. And, if your business's success relies on your customers being able to find you on the Internet and contact you or do business with you once they've found you, you will benefit grately from working with a professional web developer to create a site that is attractive, engaging and effectively developed. A site that provides a consistent user experience to every person that visits the site.

At Starr Internet Services, LLC, we work with each and every client to ensure that the work we do will provide that user experience. We work to understand exactly what you want or need to get out of a website and then we deliver that site on time and on budget. We can do this because we have developed a proven process that we use with every site we build - large or small. This process helps us break down the parts and pieces so we know what we need to deliver. But, more importantly, it provides you with a clear roadmap of what work needs to be done, by whom and by when. It is your guarantee that you will be getting exactly what you asked for.

The Process

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1. Discovery


This free consultation gives everyone the opportunity to get to know one another. It allows us to gain an understanding of you, your business or your organization and what makes you tick.

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2. Information Architecture

Information Architecture

This is where we'll think about how a visitor will navigate your site and work to understand where you want them to go and decide how to get them there.

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3. Design & Copywriting

Design & Copywriting

Now we'll add in the color, the photos, your logo and any other branding elements while you begin work on the verbiage for the site. When we're done, you'll know exactly what your website will look like.

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4. Develop


Now that we know how it will go together, what it will do and what it will look like, it's time to build. We'll work to ensure that your site does everything we agreed it would do.

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5. Training


Since we build sites that you can manage yourselves, we always make sure you can and you're comfortable doing it.

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6. Testing


While we strive to be perfect on each and every build, we're human. Testing ensures that all of the bugs, glitches and kinks have been worked out.

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7. Launch


The moment we've all been waiting for! We'll work carefully with you and your team to schedule the launch of your new website.

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8. Support


Okay, site's live, we're done, right? Not at all. We're always here to help with whatever you need.

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9. SEO


Basic Search Engine Optimization is part of the original site design agreement. Enhanced SEO services can be performed for an additional fee.